Popularised by our friends over at FullyCharged.SHOW & Everything Electric, the concept of “Stop Burning Stuff” is self explanatory and pretty compelling to us. We currently do burn stuff on site. We burn LPG for heating and hot water, and we burn LPG for cooking. Stopping doing this would take care of a lot of our Scope 1 emissions. Easily said, more difficult to deliver.

Our customers get up to all sorts of fantastic activities in this magical corner of North Wales, so close to the sea, this often means they end up either; salty, sandy, sweaty or muddy and sometimes all four. Having sufficient hot water to allow everyone needing a shower, to have one, before they can reengage in polite society, has always been super important.

We must not run out of hot water, has always been the mantra. Luckily our LPG boilers have the capacity to very rapidly reheat hot water as it gets used. Energy dense, easily stored, with the pilot light burning 24/7, ready to fire up in an instant, what’s not to like?

Now is not the time to unpick the problems associated with burning LPG, whatever external policy shifts come our way, 2026 or 2035, with Total Calculated Emissions for our business of 21.90 tCO2e, and gas-consumption appearing in the top five of our Green House Gas emission profile, we will not be installing new gas boilers on our site.

With our decarbonisation report in hand, produced by our friends over at Greener Edge Ltd we now have a baseline and a roadmap to follow, as we get serious about decarbonisation.

Stopping burning stuff is top of our list.