Outdoor Alternative will remain closed for the 2020 Season and reopen in 2021


Stormy skies at Borthwen beach


This has been a difficult decision as we know that many of you will be disappointed not to be able to spend time here this summer, we have agonised over how we could welcome you back and operate safely. Along with this, Ian, the man behind this wonderful place and our Dad, has just come home from hospital after a heart bypass. With these factors combined, as a family we have decided that now is the time to regroup, repair, spend time with each other and plan for a healthier more sustainable future. 

We want you all to be part of that future and we very much look forward to being able to welcome you back safely in 2021.

Thank you all for being with us over the years, for your kind words and support in these difficult times and we wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe summer. See you next year!

Best wishes


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