Changes to Camping at Outdoor Alternative

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We are making some changes to camping at Outdoor Alternative.

We’ve resisted change for a long time but recognise that the world has moved on and that the informality that has worked in the past (not always perfectly) no longer seems to fit.

With particular reference to the Global Climate Crisis and the Covid 19 pandemic, but also to our own 2020 review of the sustainability of Outdoor Alternative we have decided to make some changes and reduce numbers on the campsite at key times. The intention is to reduce traffic, and the environmental impact on locality. 

We value all of our customers, many who have become friends over the years and have helped create Outdoor Alternative as a special place.  We want to keep the campsite informal for active groups, families and friends, as a place to escape the busy world and enjoy the outdoors in a low key and sustainable way.

To manage this we are introducing a membership and an online booking system.

It is free to join ‘Outdoor Alternative Camping’, but we ask that you ‘buy into’ and share our passion for sustainable low impact camping. 

At the moment we are unsure what restrictions will be in place regarding tourism in Wales. Once we hear from the Welsh government we will decide on an opening date and will make our online booking available, this will be accessible from our website. We aim to contact all our customers that have given us their email. So watch this space!!

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