Camping at Outdoor Alternative

Camping is available in the grounds by special arrangement and generally for groups of outdoor users as we are not a public site. Please contact us by email to make all enquiries regarding camping.

Our camping facilities include toilets, hot showers, freezer space for ice packs and covered washing-up facilities.

There have been a few changes to the way camping is run in recent years. We now ask campers to come to the log cabin on arrival to register, pay and collect a recycling bag rather than paying when you leave as in the past. Our camping prices for 2015 are:

Outdoor Alternative Camping Prices 2015
Unit Type Standard Bank & Summer Holidays
All Tents, Campervans
Children with their family
£7.00 ppn £8.00 ppn
£4.00 ppn £4.50ppn
Outdoor Clubs £7.00 ppn £7.00 ppn
Dogs £1.00 per night £1.00 per night

There is a charge for friends who visit you during your stay of £5 per vehicle and £1 per dog per day. Please ask them to register at the Cabin.

Please note that we have a strict limit on the number of caravans we can have on the site so please ring to arrange to bring a caravan or we may have to turn you away!

If you are coming camping this year, remember to leave the disposable Barbeques in the supermarket. We sell local, sustainably produced charcoal and can lend you a BBQ grill to cook on. Help us to maintain our environmental commitments, reduce waste and protect the grass.

Mosaic of photos of seaside around Outdoor Alternative